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Why Confidential Conversations?

We all have times when a conversation with someone, outside of the current situation, can assist us in clarifying our thoughts, allowing us to review, reconsider and re-assess, where we are, what we are doing and how to move on to the next step.

No matter what the context, a judgement free facilitator, with experience and appropriate skills, can provide a neutral sounding board to give you new ways of approaching those situations, where talking to a colleague, friend or family member is just not appropriate and may even be part of the context being considered.

Welcome to Confidential Conversations.

Confidential Conversations (CC) is a remotely accessed service that offers you the opportunity to communicate with an experienced, qualified coach and facilitator wherever you are. The intention of this service is to provide a confidential sounding board for you to access at the moment of need. The CC agent will be a passive participant in the conversations, using communications and relationship skills, tools and techniques, where applicable, and with the your agreement.

Prior to commencing the first conversation, the CC agent will agree with you the level and type of feedback to be given, if any,in addition to follow up prompts or reminders that may be of use. The method of delivery for follow up will be via text, email or an equivalent service.

Should the service have been organised and paid for by an employer, an agreement with the employer will be in place and should be read, understood and agreed with.

Clients will agree a preferred method of communicating from a variety of communication technology options, and will have the option of booking pre arranged times, or in an ad hoc manner between specified time periods, understanding that the CC agent may have been previously booked or in an environment not conducive to a private conversation.

The service is completely confidential, with the understanding that National legal requirements are to be adhered to with respect to possible criminal activities, and no record will be made of the conversations without the clients prior consent.

Confidential Conversations, although not intended as a formal coaching service, can assist in personal development and change, please ask us about our coaching and training services if there is a full coaching or training need. It is possible that during the conversations an agreement is reached to expand the process to a formal coaching service.

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