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The following are current uses and further suggestions for this service.

Applications Set 1 Personal.

Is a personal relationship a bit rocky? (Sometimes talking about it can help)

A big decision coming up? (Friends and family may be too close)

Goals need setting? (An objective view isn’t always possible)

New Trainer , Coach, Hypnotherapist? (Would like mentoring or support)

Outcomes to progress? (A little push goes a long way)

Stressed/Anxious? (Relaxation tools and techniques with someone to assist you practise them)

Confidential Conversations, For what purpose?

Application Set 2 Business

Remote meeting, Training or Coaching support

(A follow up to support agreed actions)

Employee relations (Do your staff need a neutral ear to talk to?)

Senior management sounding board (No politics, no agenda)

Internal/External relationship and communications ( tips, tools and new skills)

New Idea, need to bounce it off someone? (Confidential chat)

Big decision to make? (could do with Another Point Of View?)

Your own business? (Who do you rant to?)

No time to get personal development training, too far to travel maybe?

(Your very own Coach and Trainer at the end of a phone might be useful)

Applications Set 3  The Field of change

Are you a new Coach or NLP Practitioner/Master practitioner? Do you have questions about the use or understanding of specific tools and techniques, or would like to discuss applications with an experienced, NLP trainer, Executive Coach and Instructor of Hypnotherapy ?

As a Trainer, would you be interested in discussing your programmes, tips and tricks, share experiences and maybe develop new training structures/programmes?

As a Coach, have you hit a wall with a client, or looking to expand your repertoire?

Confidential Conversations could be an ideal source for other ways to enhance and support your practise, without having to leave the home or office?

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